If you have been to Thailand, Vietnam or in any of the surrounding nations, then you know that certain parts of Asia can be quite affordable as a vacation destination. However, Japan certainly is not one of them and Tokyo happens to be quite expensive. Those that have not been to the country before may actually find the prices to be inconveniently steep, which will affect the quality of their experience there. If you have plans to visit Japan, and especially Tokyo anytime soon, here are four tips to be more prepared for managing the costs and making things more affordable.
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Buses are Cheaper than Trains
Once you get to Japan, try to travel via buses for regular commuting when you can to reduce your traveling expenses significantly. Not that you shouldn’t try out the bullet trains of course, but traveling by bus is going to be cheaper in Japan. The best part is, Japanese buses in premier cities especially are not just clean, but extremely spacious and comfortable to travel in.

Street Food in Japan is Cheap and Healthy
If you have been to Bangkok or Kolkata, then your idea of street food may not be something that you can associate with being healthy, but it’s not the same here in Japan. In Japan, cheap, healthy street food is a reality and compared to the prices of restaurants and hotels, it’s an absolute money saver. From steaming rice bowls and Kare-Raisu rice-curry mixes, to soba noodles and gyoza dumplings, the streets of Japan have it all and they have it cheap!

Check for Airbnb, Hostels and Capsule Hotels
Airbnb is a viable option in Japan and you can find some great deals on the site if you search in advance. In case you want to take an even cheaper route, there are actually hostels in Japan that let you stay there for free, as long as you pay it off by working in that very hostel for a few hours every day. Finally, we have the capsule hotels and they are a viable solution to affordable accommodation needs of tourists and travelers, provided you don’t mind staying and sleeping inside a literal, claustrophobic capsule!

Depending on how much you are willing to sacrifice in terms of comfort, a trip to Japan can cost you anything between $50 - $70 per day for an ultra-cheap vacation, to $200 - $300 per day for a decent staying and traveling expense. Nonetheless, these tips should help you shave off at least a few dollars every day that you spend in the country.



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