Tourism in South Korea is off to a huge start in 2018 as the country has already seen record numbers of tourist arrivals. There are plenty of factors that have contributed to the rise in tourist arrivals, such as the 2018 Winter Olympics that took place in PyeongChang earlier in the year and the fact that the country is starting to focus on grabbing the attention of a broader range of tourists.

If you’ve decided to be part of the growth and you now want to book a trip to South Korea and visit the area of Incheon Songdo, then obviously you want to be sure you make the absolute most of your holiday. With that in mind, here’s a look at four things to see and do while in Incheon Songdo.

A Trip Across the Incheon Bridge

Absolutely no trip to the area is complete without checking out the Incheon Bridge. This is the longest bridge in South Korea spanning 21.39kms, and sits number seven in the entire world for the longest cable-stayed bridge. The bridge is able to connect the international airport and Songdo Island with Yeongjongdo Island. It is an architectural marvel to see and makes for a wonderful photo opportunity.

Sinpo International Market

If you are looking for an authentic market experience, then Sinpo International Market can deliver. The market offers meat, fish, crops, fruits, vegetables, rice cakes, bread, and more. It was officially opened in the late 19th century, and then was officially registered as a market almost 50 years ago. There are more than 140 stores you can browse through, giving you a real taste of the area. Today it has an international flair about it, making it even more interesting for tourists.

Bupyeong Underground Shopping Mall

What's a vacation to a major city-center without a little shopping? The Bupyeong Modoo Mall, also known as the Underground Shopping Mall, features over 1,400 stores. To say it's massive would be an understatement. The mall itself features seven different sections, and you'll find signs to help direct you in Chinese and English. You could easily spend hours if not a full day browsing through the various stores.

Songdo Central Park

Located in the Songdo district of Incheon is a beautiful piece of nature - Songdo Central Park. This is a public park that is just over 100 acres. There is a seawater canal that runs through the park, plenty of forested areas where people can even camp if they like, a water-taxi service, canoe rentals, restaurants, and more. It will feel as though you've stepped out of the city and into a quiet oasis.

If you’re looking to stay in a hotel that is located near the park, giving you that serene vibe, then the Songdo Central Park Hotel by Holiday Inn is a convenient option.

A trip to South Korea is one of those trips of a lifetime, so making sure you see the standout attractions and points of interest will help to add to the experience.


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